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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rock of the Month: Jade

Check out Flissy's Rock of the Month! March's rock is Jade! My favorite!

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Illustration Friday: Tea

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Joy of Kitsch All Over The Internet

Check out my my other blog for news on a hot new promo I'm running at The Kitschen.

Also, I have succumbed to the Great Internet Popularity Contest that is MySpace. Come say hi and be my friend!

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Illustration Friday: Song

Friday, February 17, 2006

Rock School!

I am taking a lapidary class at my local Gem Cutters Guild, and finally, after five weeks I have a completed cabochon!

It's Indian Bloodstone, which is a kind of jasper. If you look closely, there are little specks of hematite that twinkle silver when the light hits it. Sorry about the funky photo quality - the batteries on my digital camera are dead and so I just plopped my rock on my scanner. I'm going to do some fancy wire wrapping around it to make a pendant and wear my first-hand-cut-rock-ever with pride!

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As promised, I have a sketch of my studio with my new special space:

I'm fortunate enough to have a whole room for my creative space. It actually was intended to be the master bedroom, but I reclaimed it! It is actually painted nearly the same color as the pages of my Moleskine, with windows high in the wall that positively flood the room with light. I am always working on making my studio my refuge. I bring in meaningful bits of my life for comfort and inspiration. I have also relocated my yoga practice to my studio, which further establishes it as my sacred space. I love it! Even if you don't have the space to take an entire room, you should clear a little sacred, creative space in your home as your own.

And as my extended artist-date, I'll be going to the International Gem & Jewerly Show in the morning (BEADS!). Then I think I will take myself out to lunch, and shop for a few things for my newly carved special space. I'll hang the mosiquto net, too.

I'm going to take a little extra time on this week's adventures in the Artist's Way. It's about reclaiming your dreams. Sometimes it's hard to put down what I want on paper. Cameron talks about how artists *need* to be selfish some of the time, to protect the inner artist. The consequences of not nurturing yourself are of course, seeming giving and "nice" to everyone else, but it only works until your artist-self starts to feel empty, and then you get hostile towards others, and worse, yourself.

I don't know how she does it. Every chapter, I think, "That is *SO* me." I definately get self-hostile, because I get so burnt-out and frustrated. When I finally make time to create, I am so dried up and angry with myself, I am hopelessly blocked. Well this is my week to put my dreams on paper, and indulge my creativity by spoiling myself with all sorts of little gifts that will move me forward.

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Artist's Way: Week 4

Well, I did it! I filled up a sketchbook! I have never done this before, and I am incredibly proud of myself. I find myself working in sketchbooks and usually about a third of the way through, I look back on what I have done, think it is crap and never look at it again. I buy a new one and the cycle starts over. I finally filled one up with my morning pages. This is progress. I know I can do it now. I don't have to love every line I put down, I just have to get it done so I can move forward. Go me! I'm going to get myself a new sketchbook as a reward and I am genuinely excited about filling it up!

This is Reading Deprivation Week, according to the schedule. I am a reader! I spend lots of time reading about art & entreprenuership for ideas for myself. I read magazines about vegetarian eating and yoga. I read blogs. I'm reading a book about the history of vanilla. I read message boards about crafting. I love to read. I'm not sure how this will help me move forward but I'm going to do it. As a result, I will be spending significantly less time on the interenet this week.

Two tasks struck me as really exciting projects to do with my newly freed-up non-reading time:

1. Make a special, private environment for yourself. I already know what I want to do! I just need to get a floor pillow. I have been working on making my studio a safe haven for me, and this will be a fantastic next step. I'll put up some sketches or photos later this week!

2. Plan an extended artist date. Also fun! I think this will start with me going to the InterGem show in the morning, but I don't know what will happen next!

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Illustration Friday: Chair

When I received the topic this week, I immediately remembered the exercise in beginning art classes where we drew a chair to experiment with negative space. Here is my updated version, featuring a rocker that was a gift from my parents when I graduated from college. Sleeping cats are not usually an element of this particular exercise, but just try getting the Queen Piper off her throne!

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Artist's Way: Week 3

This week I was really touched by the last part of the chapter, when Cameron was talking about handling criticism, shame, and self doubt. I don't think I'm dealing with shame when it comes to my art, but there is definately self doubt. I realize that I'm doing myself and injustice when I say things like "Who cares what they think?" or "It doesn't matter."

I think about when I was a teenager and I would flippantly say to everything "I DON'T CARE!" or "WHAT-EVER!" My parents probably wanted to smack me! The truth is it does matter. It's good to be strong under criticism but it still hurts. It's okay to feel it, and then learn from it. Rather than be bitter about it and internalize it as self-doubt, which has been my pattern.

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