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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Business Basics II: Week VI

For the last week of class, we met at the Engineer's Club in Baltimore. This place is seriously swank. Beautiful carved wood everywhere, a Tiffany glass dome and stained glass windows. Huge ballroom with mirrors. A dining room with hundred year old tapestries on the walls. It's three rowhouses wide and was originally owned by the first owners of the B&O railroad. As a member ANY of these rooms are at your disposal for events, anytime. They also have a dining room, bar, pool table, computer lab, meeting rooms, etc. Seriously, my professor had me sold on membership by the time we sat down for class. He's co-chairing a multi-million dollar capital campaign to fund rennovations, including installing a glass ceiling over the enormous, beautiful, courtyard.

Anyway. We did some discussing about financing, and general planning. I was saying that I want to move to Florida in five years (everyone, let's pitch in to get my husband on board, because I can't leave him behind!), and that I would probably not open a retail store until I moved. My prof was like ... why wait? The worst that can happen is that it will tank and five years from now you'll know better when you open a store in Florida. Best case scenario is that you do really well, and can either run two businesses, or you can sell the business up here to help start up one down there! Do you really want to go down there, not knowing anyone, and never having run a business before? PLUS you can take travel expenses for scoping out a location down there out of your taxes, everytime you go visit your parents!

hmm, this is sounding tempting!

I've also been toying with the idea of getting an MBA, since I can transfer 6 credits from the program I am in now towards the foundation requirements for an MBA. I'm not sure if it's really necessary for what I want to do. It could really help my organizational skills overall, and it sure would be nice going into business as an expert rather than a hopeful dope!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Business Basics II: Week V

I really wish I had written down my thoughts last night, but when I got home, I was was greeted with the surprise visit of friend of ours.

I have a lot of ideas about promoting my biz, which is good, because next round of classes is Marketing II. I'm getting warmed up! I say this about once a month - I am a little bit of a perfectionist. Sometimes that I feel like my product or my website isn't *quite* good enough to show people yet. I'll make excuses. "Those two images need to be reset at a little higher resolution and THEN I'll send out a notice to my email list" ... or ... "I wouldn't want to send all these people to my site and not have a gift wrap option would I??" It's never good enough for me, and I have a hard time just sucking it up and showing off what I have even though it's not perfect. I need to say, "Okay, that image might be two pixels too wide but IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL." or "My artist statement (or whatever it is) still needs some work but OH WELL it's a work in progress" No one will buy anything if they don't know it exists! And how can anyone possible notice all these things I criticize myself for, anyway??

It's so much easier just to hide.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Business Basics II: Week IV

As promised, an attorney from AGT lawyers spoke to the class this week and gave a great presentation on Intellectual Property Law. She was an excellent speaker and gave great advice on how to be a savvy business person when it comes to hanging onto your ideas.

I have been a bad girl lately and have not done much of my homework reading. *cringe* The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell is a really invigorating read, and I'll probably check out his new book Blink when I get a chance. Additional things on my to-read list are John Irving's new book and of course, the new Harry Potter!! (neither of which are art or business related but a girl must have her leisure time!)

Oh! I got my promotional mirrors from Looking Glass Girl and they turned out so great! They're so cute and I'm really excited about sending them out with my orders! Thanks Kellee! You rule!

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Websites of Note - Sketching

Moleskine Art and the Sketchbook of Russell Sutler feature my favorite sketchbook the Moleskine (the pocket sized grid style version I carry everywhere) and some really lovely artwork.

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Business Basics II: Week 3

I am just so burned out from ... well I'm not sure quite what to remember much about class last night. I do know we are bringing in a draft of our networking lists next week.

Next week we are having a guest from AGT Laywers discuss Intellectual Property Law with us. Check out their website! In the resource section, it has information you can download regarding trademark and copyright law.

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