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Friday, April 22, 2005

Books to Check Out


General Small Business

The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell
Self Promotion for the Creative Person by Lee Silber

Art & Creativity
The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

The Crafts Report

Please post comments to this thread with books you have found helpful and I will keep it updated with helpful resources!

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Marketing I: Week IV

Book Nite Books ...
Apparently there was a little SNAFU with the Book Nite Book List, so I will have to go back and add these later.

Five advertising or promotional tools I will put to use in the next six months
* Weblog
* Promotional Products
* Direct-Mail

Fill in my marketing plan *WITH DATES*

I'm so bad. All this stuff is on my home computer and I'm updating at work. Life gets crazy sometimes but I swear I've done my homework!

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Do you smell smoke?

I changed the title of this weblog yet again - this time from The Kitschen Cupboard to The Kitschen Crockpot. Why? Well, it is more appropriate to the clever tagline, because things typically don't burn in the cupboards. Or do they? I guess it depends who's doing the cooking!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Marketing I: Week III

Everyone brought in their promotional materials this week. It was fun! There are a lot of creative and ambitious people in the class - it's great. Everyone seemed to like my website, which was encouraging.

Some changes that were suggested:
* Make the necklace page less scroll-y
* Use the messaround font in all the headings
* Add a sidebar of links (another scrolling issue)
* Add fun images to my "about me" page

These are all good ideas that I will work on! Also my paper materials need to be more coordinated, which I already knew. I'm getting there. Several people used the word "whimsical" to describe my work & materials. Believe it or not, people say that quite frequently. I'm a total cutie!

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

New Design! and Nervous Knittie

Run over to The Kitschen and check out the new design! My hubsie is the webmaster -- he is the one that makes it so awesome! (Dont' forget to come back and read my blog though!)

As you know, Wednseday nite is Marketing Nite, and here are the fruits of my labor.

You might say, "Flissy! How is that marketing?! You don't even sell knitwear."
And I would say, "Gee, you're totally right! It has nothing to do with marketing at all. In fact, it doesn't even have much to do with the Kitschen either, since selling knitwear is frankly not my thing."

It's true. In addition to Marketing Nite, Wednesday is also LOST. And in case you didn't notice, it was the saddest and scariest episode yet!!! My butt was so scared off I was simply too traumatized to Market. I needed to do something else, and knitting is such a wonderful thing to do with my hands. I'm really excited because this is my first knitted garment (non-accessory). My slave-driver husband was yelling "KNIT! KNIT! PURL! PURL!" So I would finish. It's the back of a tank top, the pattern to which is featured in the latest knit.1.

I'm not sure if I mentioned that our textbook for this class is Self-Promotion for the Creative Person by Lee Silber. I get so neurotic reading this book! He asks so many questions and I think ... Oh my gosh! I never even thought about *that* .. Why haven't I done that yet?!

I worry. Just wait until I am prepping for a show!

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Marketing I: Week II

The homework for this week is to bring in all our current promotional materials.

I'm bringing the Internet!

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