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Monday, March 28, 2005

Marketing I: Week I

Playtime is over! I started the next class in my Entreprenuership Program.

Homework assignments for this week:

Killer Phrases: What are negative comments people make about my artwork?
Oh, a "Starving Artist" eh?
If *I* only had *your* talent, I would [make ______, be a hit, market _____, be sucessful]
My [friend, sister, neighbor] is an artist and I never understood it, he/she will never make any money at it.
Oh you're an artist! Could you make me a ______? for free?
You're so *talented* you just have to find a way to be more *marketable*
You can't make your stuff so "out there" that people won't want to buy it.

Two Goals to be completed within two years, and five objectives to be completed within one year to make those goals happen

Goal 1: Identify or Create a Target Audience
Goal 1 Objectives:
1. Survey who has bought my work in the past.
2. Note trends regarding who has bought my work.
3. Research competition: Who are they marketing to?
4. Identify the sort of people I want to work with and sell to.
5. If there seem to be differences in people who are interested in my work, find things that connect them.

Goal 2: Develop My "Brand" or Marketing Image
Goal 2 Objectives:
1. Unify all of my promotional materials.
2. Tailor my materials to complement the style of my work.
3. Maintain interest by incorporating new gimmicks.
4. Send out materials regularly.
5. Take advantage of all possible channels of communication.

Two more channels to market my product
Be a presence at gallery openings
Partner up with a fashion designer or interior designer

I also need to e-mail my professor with my area of focus, and choose a time each week to devote to marketing ... and plan to stick to it for a year.*

For the sake of accountability, Wednesday is Marketing Nite.

*stick to it for a YEAR?! ... this woman is apparently unaware of my many pressing social engagements! tee hee!

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